Wheel Lathe

Wheel Lathe

Junair supply a range of high quality, durable and reliable machines for the refinishing and refurbishment of alloy wheels. The Wheel Lathe has been specifically designed for alloy wheel machining and includes a pneumatic vertical opening door complete with a viewing window.

Key features of the wheel lathe:

  • Windows operating system
  • LCD touch screen
  • Laser probe technology
  • Rail protection system
  • Automatic lubrication system
  • Air cooling system
  • Safety brake
  • Air Gun
  • Pneumatic vertical door
  • Can process wheels up to 35” in diameter

Junair have been supplying alloy wheel refurbishment equipment to the automotive industry for many years. We are proud to be innovators in the field, as well as providing unique technology to save time, energy and high productivity and performance.

For more information on the Junair range of products email your enquiry to sales@junair.co.uk, fill in our contact form or call the team on 01706 363 555.

Wheel Lathe