Smart Air Maximises Productivity By Freeing Up Your Spray Booth

Whether you run a busy Accident Repair Facility, or a high-volume De-Fleet operation, your spraybooths are a valuable asset. All too often the spray booth can be a major bottleneck. This is simply because all vehicles to be primed or top coated have to go through it, holding back productivity and profit. The SmartAir provides a perfect solution.

Junair’s SmartAir is a mobile painting system that is ideal for SMART repairs and priming small areas within the workshop to warranty standards without using a conventional spraybooth. Repairs can be primed quickly without the need for vehicle movement or full masking. SmartAir features a unique hood and masking design. The masking is quickly and easily folded over the hood, creating an enclosure. When the extraction system is switched on, air is funnelled into the open aperture of SmartAir, creating a flow of air into the SmartAir hood. This captures and disperses paint overspray and fumes, protecting the working environment.

Key Features

  • Ideal for priming in the workshop
  • Frees up the spraybooth for higher value jobs
  • Occupies minimal floor space and is quick to install
  • Cuts down time moving and masking vehicles
  • Complies with Environmental and HSE legislation
  • Designed to work with compliant coatings
  • Safe and fully compliant

As with a conventional spraybooth, SmartAir has a 2-stage filtration system. It meets the requirements of the emissions regulations set out in the Environmental Protection Act and is well below the particulate emission levels of 10mg/m2. SmartAir complies with relevant Health & Safety directives and in independent tests, the product provided a Workplace Exposure Limit (WEL) 74% below the maximum allowed by the HSE.

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Juinar have been supplying SmartAir solutions to the automotive industry for many years. We pride ourselves in offering efficient, money saving technology which provides high productivity and performance.
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Smart Air