Rapid Repair Booth

Maximise Your Space With Junair’s Rapid Repair Option

The Rapid Repair Booth is an excellent addition to any Body Shop as it allows small repairs to be completed without moving the vehicle. The facility is suitable for preparation, priming and top coating. Eliminating vehicle movements improves efficiency and shortens vehicle turn round time. It’s available as a single or double bay cabin and as a heated or unheated unit. Infra red or conventional warm air curing can be specified. The rear of the spraybooth is fitted with cupboards that can store the materials and equipment required to complete small repairs including a masking dispenser. Mechanical and electrical services are integrated into the cabin including compressed air, dust extraction, 3ph electrical socket and 240V electrical socket, low voltage socket.

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Junair have been supplying Rapid Repair spraybooth solutions and unique automotive technology to the automotive market for many years. We are proud to be innovators in the field of spray booth technology and strive to offer solutions that provide high productivity and performance as well as saving time and energy.

We have a range of SMART products available, take a look at SMART vehicle repair. For more information on our dynamic spraybooth products and equipment please call our sales team on 01706 363 555, email us your enquiry at sales@junair.co.uk or alternatively fill in the contact form on our contact us page and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

Rapid Repair Booth