Wheelrack Preparation

Junair’s wheel rack is specifically designed for bodyshops and cosmetic/wheel repair facilities, the height and angle of the wheel rack is ergonomically designed for preparation work and also ideal for painting in the Junair SmartCabin. The wheel rack allows 4 wheels to be painted at one time – the rotating wheel cones make full paint coverage simple even on the most intricate wheels. The WheelRack is mobile and easily manoeuvrable around the workshop making it a “must have” for any alloy wheel repair facility.

WheelRack Features:

  • Accommodates up to 4 wheels at a time
  • Ergonomic height and angle for comfortable working
  • Lightweight and mobile
  • Easily adjustable for commonly used wheel sizes
  • Easily rotates wheels to ensure ergonomic and efficient use
  • Robust and compact design

Efficiently prepare and paint wheels with the WheelRack

The WheelRack is the ideal solution for preparing and coating alloy wheels allowing an easy transition from the work shop to the spraybooth. Its height has been ergonomically designed for comfortably working. The wheel cones effortlessly rotate the wheels to allow an even coverage across the entire surface of the alloy wheel.

The WheelRack can easily be moved around the workshop and once the preparation work has been completed can be moved into the spraybooth or WheelCabin without the need for carrying the alloy wheels to the next part of the process. This light weight and mobile design of WheelRack has been specially designed for Junair Spraybooths and ensures you have the most efficient method of refinishing alloy wheels possible.

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