Compact Wheel Repair Cabin

Junair’s WheelCabin is available as a heated or un-heated unit and is ideal for cosmetic wheel repairs, painting off-car panels and bumpers. Its compact size makes it easy to fit into most building layouts. The WheelCabin is designed and installed to meet the requirements of Health and Safety guidance notes HSG261, the Environmental Protection Act PG6/34 (11) and Fire authority recommendations.

Heated WheelCabin

The Junair heated WheelCabin uses a modular construction of double skinned insulated steel wall panels formed from pre-coated white steel. The roof mounted plenum chamber incorporates explosion relief panels in accordance with Health and Safety requirements.

The air intake and extraction ducts terminate externally. Supply air enters the spraybooth plenum chamber via direct drive centrifugal fan unit and a direct gas or LPG fired heater. The heater unit is rated to achieve 23oc spray temperature and 80oc bake temperature. Air extraction is through a filter chest fitted with duplex 2 stage filtration. The extraction fan is matched to the duty of the input fan to give the booth equal pressure control.

Supply air filters are mounted in frames in the spraybooth ceiling and are changed from inside the WheelCabin. Duplex extraction filters are mounted in the floor standing filter chest for ease of maintenance. The filtration system is designed not to exceed a maximum particulate discharge rate of 10mg/m³.

Control functions include cabin temperature, spray and bake, timer for the bake cycle, light switch, cabin pressures adjustment, overpressure shutdown, visual alarms for burner failure and visual and audible alarm for overpressure, cabin pressure gauge and emergency stop.

Un-Heated WheelCabin

Unlike the heated WheelCabin, the un-heated WheelCabin has no input fan and no heat; the booth draws workshop air through ceiling mounted filter panels.

The Junair un-heated self-contained WheelCabin constructed utilising double skinned insulated steel panels and installed to meet the requirements of Health and Safety and Environmental Legislation and is designed for use with all 2007 compliant coatings.

The unit is free standing with its own lights, filtered air input, and glass front door which is 1,000mm wide and has a glazed fixed front panel.

Key features of the WheelCabin:

  • Filtered Air Intake keeps out Workshop Contamination
  • Takes up Minimal Floor Space
  • Superb Lighting
  • Paint up to 4 Wheels at a Time
  • Glazed Doors Provide Superb Visibility
  • Economical to Run
  • Excellent Air Movement Ensures Effective Overspray Removal
  • Meets HSE and Environmental Legislation
  • Installed and Operational within 48 Hours

What are machined alloy wheels?

‘Machined alloy wheels’ is another term used to describe diamond cut wheels. This type of alloy wheel will have been placed on a lathe, before having part of the wheels painted surface ‘machined off’.

Only a small section of the actual alloy is targeted, and the process results in a shiny alloy finish.

Can you refurbish diamond cut wheels?

Diamond cut wheels can be repaired in an alloy wheel repair booth, however this process can only be completed a limited number of times before you will have to purchase a replacement wheel.

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