Alloy Wheel Curing Oven

Junair’s unique WheelBake is designed specifically for cosmetic vehicle repair facilities. The WheelBake is a purpose built convection oven for curing top coats on painted wheels. This fan convection oven is simple to use and will cure two wheels at one time. The Oven can cure wheels with and without the tyres fitted and is designed for use with compliant coatings.

A typical curing time is between 15 to 30 minutes, the operative can simply set the temperature and time and the WheelBake will automatically stop once the cure time has elapsed.

Features of the Junair WheelBake:

  • Cures 2 wheels at a time
  • Curing time 15 to 30 minutes depending on material used
  • Clean in operation
  • Designed for use with compliant coatings
  • Suitable for wheels with or without tyre fitted
  • Easy load roller system
  • Automatic temperature and time control
  • Electric heating – no gas required
  • Safety stop button

Benefit from a quick turnaround on all alloy wheel cure jobs!

The WheelBake from Junair has been innovatively designed to ensure that alloy wheel cure tasks are completed in the quickest possible time.

By opting to improve your body shop with the Junair WheelBake, not only will your customer satisfaction levels vastly increase, but you will also improve your business’s productivity to guarantee a higher turnover.

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Junair have been supplying spraybooth solutions such as the WheelBake, to the automotive market for many years. We are proud to be innovators in the field of automotive wheel equipment and aim to deliver solutions that offer high productivity and performance as well as saving time and energy.

For more information on our unique WheelBake product, or any other automotive wheel equipment please call our sales team on 01706 363 555, email us your enquiry at sales@junair.co.uk or alternatively leave your details on our contact us page and we’ll reply as soon as possible.

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