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Dry Wheel Blast Equipment

Junair supply a range of high quality, durable and reliable dry wheel blast cabinets and machines. We offer suction fed, pressure fed and water-blast machines. Junair’s dry WheelBlast is designed for the preparation of wheels prior to painting. Hand preparation that can take an hour is completed in just a few minutes with the WheelBlast.

The Wheel Blast is designed to provide a safe and efficient means of surface preparation and finishing in a well lit, sealed enclosure.

Key features of the Dry Wheel Blast Machine:

  • Totally enclosed wheel blasting system
  • Prepares wheels ready for painting
  • Safe and easy to use
  • Superb LED lighting
  • Internal spigot ensures ease of handling and loading
  • Full width glass vision screen
  • Dust capture ventilation system
  • Easy load door arrangement
  • Turntable provides the ideal component position

Why choose the Junair WheelBlast as your blast cabinet?

If you are seeking an efficient way to complete alloy wheel blast jobs and prepare your alloy wheels for painting, then look no further than Junairs’ wheel blast equipment.
Through its compact and fully self-contained design, the Wheel Blast removes all your alloys paint and rust ensuring that the surface is perfect for painting. Furthermore, the Wheel Blast completes the preparation process in minutes, and you can achieve a complete and even finish thanks to its internal spigot component.

Make a Wheel Blast Equipment Enquiry

Junair have been supplying wheel blast equipment and other automotive wheel solutions to the automotive market for many years. We are proud to be innovators in the field of spray booth technology, as well as providing unique technology to save time, energy and high productivity and performance.

For more information on our WheelBlast products and equipment please call our sales team on 01706 363 555, email us your enquiry at sales@junair.co.uk or alternatively fill in our contact us page and we’ll reply as soon as we can.

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Wheel Blast Equipment & Machines