Tyre Changer & Bead Breaker

Automatic Tyre Changer

A low cost solution for wheel repairs where tyres need to be taken off the rim or removed from the wheel completely. The automatic tyre changing machine from Junair provides a truly, heavy duty machine that is designed to stand up to continuous intensive use.

Key Features of our Tyre Changing Machines and Tyre Bead Breakers Include:

  • Double assist arm and roller

  • Bead jet blaster jaw inflation

  • Two position bead breaker

  • Plastic inserts in foot help protect alloy rims

The fully automatic tyre changer allows the user to lock the demount head in position and to tilt the demount arm back via a foot pedal. This allows for quick continuous use. With the use of the assist arm changing wheels with low profile or run flat tyres can be done easily without damaging the wheels or without excessive effort from the user.

Enquire About Our Automatic Tyre Changing Machine

Junair have been supplying tyre changers and tyre bead breakers to the automotive market for many years. We are proud to be innovators in the field of rapid repair technology and aim to deliver solutions that offer high productivity and performance as well as saving time and energy.

For more information on our award winning tyre changers, bead breakers and automotive equipment please call our sales team on 01706 363 555, email us your enquiry at sales@junair.co.uk or alternatively visit our contact us page, leave your details and we’ll get back to you.

If the Tyre Bead Breaker is not what you are looking for, then take a look at other alloy wheel equipment from Junair.

Tyre Changer & Bead Breaker