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Junair use revolutionary technology to repair alloy wheels

Thanks to the continuous investment and research that is carried out by the team here at Junair, you can be assured that all of our rapid repair equipment is easy to use, reliable and efficient in terms of time and energy.

We offer a broad collection of rapid repair equipment that is suitable for a wide range of different alloy wheels, so you are guaranteed to find the ideal alloy wheel solution for your business right here at Rapid Repair Equipment.

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Compact alloy wheel refurbishment equipment that you can rely on

Due to the effectiveness of our alloy wheel refurbishment equipment, we are able to complete every stage of the refurbishment process to the highest possible standard. In addition to this thanks to our equipment’s compact design, Junair are able to complete the wheel refurbishment process within a small area of your body shop.

If you are looking for equipment that comes with an enclosed filtrated cabin that means you can easily paint alloy wheels, then the Junair WheelCabin is the ultimate choice for you. Up to four wheels at a time can be painted using the Junair WheelCabin, meaning you do not have to worry about wasting any valuable car spray booth time.

The Junair WheelBlast comes with an effective dust capture and ventilation system, making it the ultimate choice for anyone who is looking to prepare their alloy wheels without making an unnecessary mess.

Or if you are seeking a compact and fully enclosed unit that can blast a pressurised combination of water and granulate onto a rotating alloy for the ultimate cleaning solution, then look no further than the Junair WheelWasher.

Finally, our Junair Wheelbake is a convention oven that can save you valuable time by allowing you to cure two wheels at once.

Don’t opt for a low-quality alloy wheel repair kit

Today, over 80% of cars that leave the production line have alloy wheels, and day in day out these wheels are incurring some form of damage which is leaving them to look a lot less aesthetically appealing then their original state.

This has meant both body shop owners and drivers are seeking the most cost-effective alloy wheel refurbishment solution available, which has seen the market become littered with an array of cheap alloy wheel repair kit options.

However, by opting for a cheaper alternative you are likely to be unsatisfied with the end result. Therefore, we always advise you to use allow wheel refurbishment equipment of the highest quality if you are looking for the perfect alloy wheel finish, such as the range alloy wheel repair equipment that we have available at Junair.

Junair are leaders in alloy wheel equipment

Junair are proud to be leaders in providing the automotive industry with the perfect spraybooth solutions and ancillary equipment. Our aim is to supply all of our clients with rapid repair equipment that can save them time and money, whilst also providing a high level of service.

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Alloy Wheel Equipment